Sustainability - our Dedication

home from home

Women in crisis or transitional situations are welcome to rest, recover and recharge their batteries at Josephine's Guesthouse.


Housing challenges can arise for a variety of reasons - the feelings involved are mostly the same. To address this concern, we have joined forces with the public sector to reserve around a quarter of the rooms for women in difficult circumstances.


Our guests are free to choose when the bed linen and towels are changed and thereby help us to protect the natural resources.


Our partner for textile care is certified to «Textiles washed in Switzerland»!


This label stands for the hygienic cleaning of textiles in Switzerland and a clear focus on sustainability and environmentally friendly textile care.

ok:go initiative

Click on the «OK:GO» logo to receive helpful information about the accessibility of our hotel.


The OK:GO initiative supports the Swiss tourism industry to collect and share standardized accessibility information about their location and offering. 


OK:GO makes travel planning easier - an added value for everyone!

Josephine's Guesthouse for Women, Lutherstrasse 20, CH-8004 Zürich

phone +41 44 241 13 94

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